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What Languages Are Spoken in the Philippines?

The language of the Philippines was originally written in the Baybayin script, which in turn is similar to those used in Java, Bali and Sumatra. (For those not so familiar with these languages, they date back to the Brahmi inscriptions in India in the third century BC). Today, the Latin alphabet has replaced the previous […]

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Cultural Differences in Medicine

Lately, the phenomenon of immigration has meant that people from some Eastern countries have migrated en masse to the West in search of better working conditions and, in short, a better quality of life. In this sense, health professionals, from clinicians to pharmacists, are bewildered by the demands of some clients or patients for “unconventional” […]

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Investing in Professional Translation Can Save You Big Time!

Professional translation services are there to offer a wide variety of customers an effective way to communicate with people that speak a different language, no matter who they may be.  In this vein, one of the primary roles of the translator is to exercise a strong degree of cross cultural awareness, thereby enabling themselves to […]

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