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What Language Is Spoken on Easter Island?

Easter Island, which forms part of Polynesia, is a renowned tourist destination, famous for its ancient culture and monumental sculptures. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and belongs to Chile. The major attraction of this remote location lies in its traditions and its unique insulation, which has influenced its development being separate from that […]

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Does One’s Upbringing Affect Their Language Skills?

Some articles ago, we spoke of the multi-faceted and multi-talented people known as polyglots, or those who can write and speak, with fluency, more than three languages. Being such an interesting topic, I decided to revisit this subject as we had only hit the tip of the iceberg previously. While some polyglots are just naturally […]

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Olympics: The Language Arena

With the Olympics upon us, we cannot help but see the world in a different light. Maybe for the whole 16 days. Possibly forever. But at least for a moment. A unity illuminated by a disparateness among countries and cultures is practically thrown in our faces, inspiring endless examinations and questions. And here at Trusted […]

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