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Dictionary of Curiosities

In working as translators, we always come across words that are difficult to translate. We’ve spoken on other occasions about how certain languages use words that are curiously specific and even impossibly specific to describe actions or situations that in another language would require a longer explanation. Today we present a few more to satisfy […]

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Curiously Specific and Unusual Words

In a recent post we wrote about the longest words in world, and commented on the particular power of synthesis and specificity that the German language has which allows it to construct compound words of undetermined length. Now, not only does German have a very particular power of specificity, but rather practically all languages have […]

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Following the steps of Malespín

“Yo estoy tuanis, pero el brete está pelis” Many people (including Spanish speakers) might hear this and have no idea what it means. It is thought that in some Central American countries what is left of Malespín is still in use, a military code attributed to the Salvadoran General Francisco Malespín (1806-1846). Even though hardly […]

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