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The German Language and its Dialects

German is known to be one of the most difficult European languages to learn as a foreign language based on its extensive vocabulary, complex structures, long words, declensions, etc. In the area of translations, German is one of the most expensive languages, since it really requires a lot of effort and dedication to be able […]

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Language Map of Europe

The map of Europe posted above is an excellent example of why localization is so important. Translators and companies who are looking for translations should not use this as a hard-and-fast, exact representation of where the dividing lines are drawn for the languages of Europe. Instead, take a moment to consider what it is really […]

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?!

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the start of the Second World War, the bloodiest and most atrocious armed conflict of the 20th century. European leaders gathered in the small coastal city of Gdansk to mark the event, this being the town where German aggressors first opened fire on Polish defenses, setting off six long […]

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