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What Makes Guaraní Different from Other American Indigenous Languages?

An article by Simon Romero came out this week in The New York Times discussing why Guaraní, Paraguay’s main indigenous language, has been able to continue playing such an important role in the culture and politics of Paraguay. Importantly, this article highlights the reasons why, unlike other American indigenous languages, Guaraní has become so institutionalized […]

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Indigenous Translators: Between Language and Politics

America (here including North and South America) is the second largest continent in the world after Asia. It includes no less than 35 sovereign nation-states, 1 Commonwealth and at least 24 dependencies and colonies (yes, in the 21st century, believe it). Over 500 languages are spoken throughout these territories, of which only 8 are official: […]

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Paraguayan Spanish

The unique and distinct Spanish spoken in Paraguay today, along with Guarani, has a historical explanation. In Paraguay, the Spanish language brought by the conquerors did not replace the indigenous language of the area, Guarani. On the contrary, Spanish fed on Guarani and the two languages coexisted, resulting in a bilingual population. If we analyze […]

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