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The Pronoun Game

In Chasing Amy, by U.S. filmmaker Kevin Smith, the lead character in the film makes an unexpected switch in her relationship preferences and decides to tell her friends, all of whom are lesbians, that she is going out with “someone.” Her friends, without missing a beat, start to interrogate the character named Alyssa, played by […]

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Where Is Amharic Spoken?

The Semitic languages ​​are Afro-Asiatic languages that took the name “Semitic” from the Biblical Shem, the son of Noah. The Semitic languages ​​most widely spoken today are Arabic, Amharic, Hebrew, and Tigrinya. Amharic is an official language spoken in Ethiopia, but it is also found in Egypt and Eritrea, as well as in Israel, Sweden, […]

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Another Semitic Language: Hebrew

Hebrew is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family. The oldest Hebrew alphabet comes from the Phoenicians and the modern alphabet from another known as proto-Hebrew. Hebrew has always been the language of the Jewish people, and during the mid 19th century many efforts were made to get Hebrew to become the everyday language […]

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