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The First “Translators” Were Interpreters

The beginnings of our profession were not easy if we consider that our colleagues of the past had to convey very sensitive messages, if not highly questionable military strategies, in their native tongue so that, at times, the message of the interpretation or translation was closely linked to political or military interests. In these first […]

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A Certainly Numerous Family

The Indo-European languages constitute the largest family of languages on the face of the earth: the majority of the languages of Europe and the Near East belong to it. It includes over 150 languages spoken by approximately 3 billion people.The common ancestor language among them is Proto-Indo-European. It presumably originated in Armenia or in the […]

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A Beginning…Cuneiform

Though spoken language has been in existence for tens of thousands of years, it was not until the end of the fourth millennium before the common era—according to the best calculations of experts on the matter—that written language was invented.  One of the earliest known forms of written language emerged from the region of Sumer […]

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