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Tetum: Not Malay or Indonesian

Tetum is a language of the Austronesian family and, along with Portuguese, is spoken in East Timor. And, while it is strongly influenced by Malay and Indonesian, it is, indeed, a different language. Some history to understand why Portuguese and Tetum are spoken in this area Back in the 15th century, language spoken in Central […]

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Things to Know about the Malay Language

Malay is a language that belongs to the Austronesian family of languages, a group that encompasses languages spoken in parts of Southeast Asia, the Pacific, a small part of continental Asia and the Indian Ocean, in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Madagascar. It is the official language of Malaysia, Brunei and […]

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The Languages of Indonesia

Indonesian is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia (which is known as Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa means ‘language’.). It was declared as the official language upon independence of the republic in 1945. Over 23 million people speak it and it is the equivalent of a Malay dialect. Indonesia’s official language is also spoken in […]

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