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A World Without Translators?

A translator’s work often goes unnoticed, to such an extent that the phrase “A good translation seems as though it were an originally written text” has become commonplace. However, the work of the translator is of paramount importance to all of us, despite the fact that we rarely reflect on it.   A translator’s job […]

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Anne Dacier’s Translation Legacy

In almost every discipline there are certain individuals who achieve fame and become memorable; they are admired by their peers in the field. These personalities usually transcend their area of specialty and are recognized worldwide. However, this does not happen often in translation. Why is it so? It is a difficult question to answer. But, […]

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International Translation Day Celebrations

For those of you who don’t know, Friday, September 30th marked the 58th annual celebration of International Translation Day. Celebrated around the world every year, this holiday was originally started by the International Federation of Translator’s in 1953. The date, September 30th, falls on the birthday of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators and […]

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