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Korean in Antiquity and Modern Times

The Korean writing system dates back to 108 B.C., when the area that is currently North Korea was occupied by China. Some linguists believe that language may be a member of the Altaic language family. (​​Turkic, Mongol, Tungusic, and also the Japonic and Korean languages​​.) In the 5th century AD Korean was written in classical […]

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Intercultural Communication and its Implications for Websites

Intercultural communication, according to Ting-Toomey, involves a process of symbolic exchange in which individuals from two (or more) different cultural communities negotiate shared meanings in an interactive situation. With respect to websites, many times that symbolic exchange is limited only to what the site communicates both through its content and also by the form. For […]

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Housewife and Interpreter at the Same Time?

A few days ago, BusinessGhana published a short but very interesting article about a new initiative implemented in Seoul, South Korea. Due to the massive immigration of foreign women married to Korean men, the Government has decided to revise regulations to allow more housewives to work as interpreters or translators in private companies and government […]

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