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What to Keep in Mind when Translating and Localizing into Latin American Spanish

When translating texts to be used in Latin America, we must keep in mind the subtle differences that exist from country to country with respect to not only cultural differences, but also to everyday terms. This may also be applied to a business context; if a client needs to implement a product in Latin America, […]

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Spanish Translation Services: Unlocking the Secrets [VIDEO]

Hi, we are Trusted Translations, a global multilingual language company. We would like to take a couple minutes of your time to give you an in-depth look into Spanish Translations. To some, the process of obtaining a Spanish translation for a project may seem simple and straightforward. Really, what could be so difficult about translating […]

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Spanish from Spain, Latin America, or “Neutral”?

People generally never take the time to think about the various aspects of their native language, what vocabulary is preferred, how sentences are formed, the use of verb tenses, and even the way words can be stressed may differ from the way that others who speak the same language do in another country or area. […]

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