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10 Key Points to Learn a New Language

Without naming names, how many people do we know that “started a language”? For those who succumbed and gave up halfway through, The Guardian’s website posted an interesting article a few days ago about motivations to learn a new language while not dying in the effort, compiled from language professors and students through their experience. […]

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Learning New Languages

There can be many reasons to learn a new language. Sometimes we learn them because it’s part of our school curriculum, or for work. Sometimes it’s just for the pleasure of it. Despite requiring a great deal of dedication, time and effort, it can be an enriching experience that helps us to broaden our horizons, […]

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A universal language

After several attempts to make it a universal language, this year Esperanto celebrates its 125th anniversary. Created in 1887 by  Lázaro Zamenhof, Esperanto is used in many media  forms, as well as in literature. A large number of classical and popular publications have been translated, and are available in the language. Today with the technological […]

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