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7 Reasons Why You Need Legal Document Translation

Legal documents are a fact of modern life—which begins with one certificate and ends with another. And in today’s increasingly globalized world, it is more and more likely that at some point, you will have need of a professional legal translation service. It could be that you get hired to work in a foreign country, […]

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Do We Need Certified Translators?

Let’s say that you are dealing with some important paperwork between two languages (a birth certificate from a different country, perhaps) and suddenly the man on the other side of the desk says, “This document has to be translated by a certified translator.” What do you do then? Well, first of all, don’t panic. It’s […]

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Why we need to understand the topic of the text we are translating

As we already know, one word can have several different meanings which will be defined according to the context. For example, the word trial can have one meaning in a legal document about litigation and another meaning in a document about labor relations. What’s more, these meanings shouldn’t be confused with the meaning that the […]

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