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Burger Localization

As almost every company who sells products or services in multiple countries knows, localization is a very important part of an international marketing strategy. Whether a company decides to localize the language that they use to sell a product or service, or tries to localize the product or service itself, localization is essential to attracting […]

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The Challenge of Marketing Translations

The translator’s responsibility when working with marketing texts is quite significant. These texts, if they do not recreate the sense and style of the original, lose their essence. Marketing translations may generate large increases in a company’s revenue or may be the cause of crippling losses. The translation of marketing texts, whether a brochure of […]

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Translation for Advertising

The goal of any business today is to have a presence in both the national and international markets. But to do this, it is essential to have a good marketing strategy and, of course, proper translation and localization of both the text and the image used for advertising your product. Companies generally pose what to […]

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