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Noah Webster, the Spelling Reformer

Here at Trusted Translations we receive translation requests for English US as well as English UK. Although these two “flavors/flavours” aren’t as different as say the Canadian variant of French to Europe’s, there are a few things we must take into account particularly when it comes to spelling. It is known that some words are […]

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In specialized translation projects, we experience on a daily basis the reality that the terms used in the jargon of some engineers are not endorsed or approved by the prestigious dictionaries. Our mission is difficult, since we are faced with the dilemma of using a term used commonly in industry-specific jargon but considered academically incorrect, […]

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Top Words of 2009

We still have a month left before 2009 comes to a close forever, but Merriam-Webster has already published its “words of the year” (what about the remaining 9% of 2009!?!?!?). The interesting aspect of M-W’s list is that it uses the words that were most looked up on its online dictionary as the basis for […]

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