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La Malinche: The First Interpreter

Some consider her a traitor to her people, others a cultural bridge between the Spanish and Mesoamerican Indians. What nobody doubts is the key role that this woman had in the conquest and the genesis of America as we know it today. Her story, like her talent, is fascinating. Malinalli Tenépatl, Malinche, Doña Marina or […]

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Mexican Spanish

Spanish is the most spoken language in Mexico: 97% of people use it either as their mother tongue or a second language. However, there are 67 indigenous languages in use and they have been protected since 2001 by the Linguistic Rights of Indigenous Peoples Law. The Spanish language arrived in Mexico with the conquerors, and […]

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Americanisms and Mexicanisms

An “Americanism” is a phrase from one of the native American languages, which is incorporated into other languages, or a word of those languages (especially Spanish and English) that is created or modified in its usage because American speakers. Examples from Spanish accepted into the Royal Academy Dictionary, 2001 edition, are: * Baulera. (Argentina). Back […]

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