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Plain English Movement around the World

In addition to the history of the Plain English Movement in the United States, at this time we can also take a look at the impact it has had in countries such as Canada, Australia and England. Canada In 1978, the Royal Insurance Company introduced a policy using the Plain English criteria, while in 1979, […]

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The Plain English Movement

As we discussed in a previous post on the “Language of the People“, legal language has evolved to be better understood by one group of people: average citizens. Today I would like to explain the origin of this movement that has taken hold in Spain and has been introduced in Mexico. This process of modernization […]

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Language of the People

When professionals from the legal, translation, teaching, etc. fields get together, there is always an interesting conclusion do be taken from the debate. This was the situation I experienced in my enriching interactions with Spanish professors, lawyers working in the judicial and legislative system, editors and translators. And all of this about one word… I […]

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