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Languages, Lives and Lessons

I recently encountered a couple interesting pieces of media and I wanted to share my experience. First, I watched an extremely candid TED speech by a doctor proclaiming an unspoken truth: doctors make mistakes. I was touched; to see his passion for the field; unforgettable and undoable moments in his life while trying to save […]

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Interpreters at the G-20 Meeting in Seoul

Last week was the meeting of the Group of Twenty (G-20), in Seoul. In this two-day event, 25 Heads of State and representatives of various international organizations gathered to discuss currencies and other pending global issues. Since the official languages of this event was Korean and English, the Organizing Committee of the G-20 summit in […]

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Upcoming Translation Conferences

Just as in almost all professional fields, it is essential to keep up with the latest information and, as far as possible, it is worthwhile to attend the various events and conferences held around the world. Thus, I will list some of the translation conferences taking place in the near future and that may be […]

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