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Happy Grammar Day!

If you’re someone who can’t stand the punctuation errors and spelling mistakes that are abundant in print media, or someone who finds himself or herself constantly correcting journalists on TV for using the wrong tense, then March 4 is your day! Since 2008, this day has been recognized in the United States as the “National […]

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What Translation-Review Criteria Should a Checklist Include?

As mentioned in previous posts, doing a thorough QA before delivering any translation project is of the essence, and one of the final steps to be followed for any project is the checklist (which is basically a list of items that require a final verification). Every translator/editor should create his or her own checklist to […]

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Punctuation in Lists in Spanish

It’s common in our line of work for people to have doubts regarding proper punctuation in lists in Spanish. It’s important to keep certain principles in mind: the extent of the listed ideas and whether they represent marketing material or tables. In addition to the Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, to which we constantly […]

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