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The Importance of Context

Many times, especially with companies that have never hired a translation service, clients are not entirely clear what a translator may need to generate the expected result, beyond the text itself. On this point, I would like to stress the importance of receiving a reference text or information that will greatly assist the translator to […]

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Basic Aspects That A Translation Buyer Must Be Familiar With

When a company uses a language services provider, it can have various needs, but here I want to focus on translation services. Companies that hire this type of service for the first time for the first time, generally, are a little lost since they might not know exactly in what format they should provide the […]

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With a Little Help From Our…Clients

If you were my client and were looking to translate a technical manual, literature, financial content, marketing collateral, architectural documents…-Well, you get the point!-, I might ask you for some reference material.   What is reference material?: Previously translated material, or any other content that translators can use as a style guide or a reference. This […]

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