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What Is Pre-editing?

Among the stages of translation, pre-editing is one of the most interesting, as well as least known, as it helps salvage poorly-converted files and thus be able to process them with translation tools, whether in order to reduce costs or to create memories that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.   What does pre-editing consist […]

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The Advantages of Being a Recurring Client

It is very common to see buyers browse the various options offered in the market before buying a product or service, in order to determine which one is most suitable in terms of quality and price. But once they choose an option, sometimes they not always choose the same supplier, and, for various reasons, they […]

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The Extension of the Period and Links Between Sentences

The custom in English today of having expository clarity give precedence to short sentences that are separated by periods, whereas in Spanish the are considered as subordinate elements within a main sentence. The greatest extension of the period in English in relation to Spanish is seen in the capacity of English to construct a series […]

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