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Colombian Academy of the Spanish Language

This academy was founded in 1871 and since 1960 it has advised the government of Colombia on language issues, which has led to several laws on the Spanish language being passed in the country. It hosted the Third Congress of Academies (1960), in which the Agreement of Bogotá was presented and signed. Its library is […]

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The Real Academia Española

Historical Framework With the political unity of Castile and Aragon, “Castilian” was the dominant language in Spain and the official language of public documents. This was the language that came to America by the hand of conquest. From the sixteenth century on, the language became known as “Spanish” instead of “Castilian.” With the abundance of […]

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Spelling Reform of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language

“The Greek I will be called ye.” That’s how the story about the new spelling of the Royal Academy of Spanish Language was titled in El Pais. This reform will receive final approval in late December and will be addressed, among other issues, at the next meeting of the representatives of the twenty-two Academies of […]

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