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App-lying a New Language

While many linguists worry about the negative impact of technology on the correct grammatical and orthographic use of language–and they may have a point since now we even replace words and whole sentences with emojis and cartoons–there is a new trend which attempts to counteract this phenomenon. There are several “apps” that not only correct textual […]

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How To Correctly Interpret Japanese

In a context where the impact of Internet communications is infinitely vast, and in spite of the huge technological advances in terms of translations, no system or device has yet been developed that emulates the accuracy and intent of a human interpreter. Why, then, with so many challenges made, has technology not been able to […]

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Online Translation Services on Television?

And since technology does not rest … now it appears that search engines will add translation services to different devices. When a user uploads a video to the Web, in some cases it is possible to generate the subtitles and translate them online to any of the languages available through this service. While these versions […]

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