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What Makes Guaraní Different from Other American Indigenous Languages?

An article by Simon Romero came out this week in The New York Times discussing why Guaraní, Paraguay’s main indigenous language, has been able to continue playing such an important role in the culture and politics of Paraguay. Importantly, this article highlights the reasons why, unlike other American indigenous languages, Guaraní has become so institutionalized […]

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Spanish Translation Services: Unlocking the Secrets [VIDEO]

Hi, we are Trusted Translations, a global multilingual language company. We would like to take a couple minutes of your time to give you an in-depth look into Spanish Translations. To some, the process of obtaining a Spanish translation for a project may seem simple and straightforward. Really, what could be so difficult about translating […]

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Dominican Language Academy

Founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on October 12, 1927, it works side by side with the Spanish Royal Academy in its mission to include all regional expressions of the pan-Hispanic community in order to give uniformity to the language spoken in so many parts of the world , each with its own history and […]

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