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Things to Know about Neutral Spanish

From my experience, people who are not involved in the world of languages ​​and, specifically, translating into Spanish are not fully aware of the existence of what is known as neutral Spanish, also referred to as “standard” or “international” Spanish. In this issue, I think that a Spanish person does not intend that his “Spanish” […]

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La Malinche: The First Interpreter

Some consider her a traitor to her people, others a cultural bridge between the Spanish and Mesoamerican Indians. What nobody doubts is the key role that this woman had in the conquest and the genesis of America as we know it today. Her story, like her talent, is fascinating. Malinalli Tenépatl, Malinche, Doña Marina or […]

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Spanish from Spain, Latin America, or “Neutral”?

People generally never take the time to think about the various aspects of their native language, what vocabulary is preferred, how sentences are formed, the use of verb tenses, and even the way words can be stressed may differ from the way that others who speak the same language do in another country or area. […]

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