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Translation Buyer Consideration

Some translation agencies try to find sly methods for making their customers pay more for the services being offered.  The ploys can be incredibly simple, or sometimes they can be sublimely complicated. One thing which translation buyers should keep an eye out for when choosing which provider to go with is how the price tally […]

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“I need a translation…”

How many times have we heard one of our clients say that? Though this simple phrase may be the first step towards a profitable and lasting working relationship, as professionals, we need to gather much more information from the client in order to properly do our jobs and ultimately provide the client with the highest […]

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Quick Guide for the Translation Buyer

When it comes time to translate a document, finding the right service provider can be tricky. So how do you find the right translation agency to fit your needs? We have compiled a list of points to consider when preparing your document for translation, aimed at helping you to better understand the service you require. […]

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