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Decoding the Document Translation Quote Process

Hi, we’re Trusted Translations, a global multilingual language company. We would like to take a couple of minutes to help you decode the document translation quote process. Whether you are new at buying translations or already have some experience with the process, understanding the key elements of a translation quote can help you improve the […]

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Our Best Estimate

Estimates are part of my job.  However, I try to stay more on the side of firm numbers rather than estimated ones, unless I can’t help it. They tend to create a lot of gray space between what the client is asking and what we are analyzing.  This “gray area” can sometimes be dangerous as […]

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How to Choose the Right Translation Agency

When a client has a translation project, the most common action taken is to request a couple of budgets from agencies on the market. And then? How does it analyze them? Always go with the cheapest budget? Always choose the quickest turnaround? It is not a good idea to choose only by taking into account […]

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