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Comments about our Presentation at GALA Lisbon

Comments from Gordon Husbands, Vice President of Sales and Marketing worldwide at Wordbank, Moderator of “Search Me!” panel at GALA Lisbon about the Presentation of Gustavo Lucardi, COO of Trusted Translations, Inc.

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Automatic Transcription and Translation of Subtitles on Youtube

Google has been working hard on expanding and improving the subtitling on the videos hosted on Youtube. The main goal is for them to be used by the millions visitors to the site who wish to view videos in a language they are unfamiliar with or for those who have hearing impaired and wish to […]

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Chairman’s Speech at St. Jude Wine and Chocolate with Tony Bennett and Kristin Davis

I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight to support this great cause. Many people have come from very distant places to be here, including Brazil. In fact, I convinced many of my friends and loved ones to fly in by telling them that this is probably the closest thing I would get to […]

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