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W3C Workshop in Madrid: Where Do We Stand?

By now we are all well aware that the world today is an increasingly globalized world, where the need for multilingual communication grows at all times. All of the major lines of communication and sources of information in this century come from the Web. It is interesting to note that while there is a decline […]

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W3 Workshop in Pisa, Italy on the MultilingualWeb

In the last post, we discussed the MultilingualWeb workshops and the importance of this project for contributing to the development of standards for websites. We also talked about the workshops that took place during the last year or are scheduled for 2011. First, we talked about the workshop held in Madrid, which was the first […]

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MultilingualWeb Workshops

MultilingualWeb is a project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by W3 in order to improve the way we create, localize and internationalize information through the development of standards for creating web pages in multiple languages. The ultimate aim is to promote and contribute to the development and use of internationalization standards for websites. […]

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