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The Spirit behind the MultilingualWeb Pisa Event

In a previous post, I commented on the outstanding choice of Pisa, Italy as the setting for the most recent MultilingualWeb Workshop: MultilingualWeb and the City of Pisa One of the primary reasons was that the location gave the event a unique essence or spirit, especially in comparison with other translation and localization industry conferences. […]

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MultilingualWeb and the City of Pisa

MultilingualWeb is a distinct conference that sets itself apart, in the same way that Pisa is a distinct city that sets itself apart. Indeed “Content on the Multilingual Web” was the second of the Workshops of the MultilingualWeb project and not a real conference. I’m used to the translation industry’s massive meetings, such as Localization […]

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W3C Workshop in Madrid: Where Do We Stand?

By now we are all well aware that the world today is an increasingly globalized world, where the need for multilingual communication grows at all times. All of the major lines of communication and sources of information in this century come from the Web. It is interesting to note that while there is a decline […]

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