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Web 2.0 and its Influence on Marketing and Sales: Myth vs. Reality

We have heard about the “social media revolution” for quite some time now. Since mid-2001, when the first sites that foster collaborative networks emerged, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace and LinkedIn have produced dramatic changes in the way people communicate. And it is not surprising that Web 2.0, as it is called […]

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Automatic Transcription and Translation of Subtitles on Youtube

Google has been working hard on expanding and improving the subtitling on the videos hosted on Youtube. The main goal is for them to be used by the millions visitors to the site who wish to view videos in a language they are unfamiliar with or for those who have hearing impaired and wish to […]

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Machine Translations now available on YouTube

Most translators have heard of the new online machine translation option called “Google Translate”. While many would argue that machine translations have several issues regarding accuracy and the inability to understand the text like humans do, this has become a widely popular tool, so much so that YouTube recently announced the launch of a Translate […]

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