At Trusted Translations, the per Word pricing for a fully translated text includes : translation, , and . While the translation step is expected (as we are, after all, a translation company) our editing and services might not be something that clients give much thought when sending out documents to be translated. However, these services are two additional steps that, when used in the translation process or independently, can ensure that a translation is as accurate, consistent, reliable and grammatically correct as possible.

Not only does Trusted Translations edit and proofread documents that are translated by our own translators, but we also provide services for documents that come from other sources. For example, we can edit and/or proof documents that were translated by a client’s own staff, a friend, or even by another agency.

To give you a better idea about what we mean when we say editing, at Trusted Translation, the editing process  includes a review of translated documents for mistranslations, accuracy, style, punctuation, potential cultural problems, consistency, grammar, and readability, all while constantly looking at the source document, and comparing it to the translation. Proofreading, on the other hand, is the final revision of a document and includes a review of the content, organization, coherence, tone and style of text. Documents are also double checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization mistakes at this step in the process. Generally, our editing services are more intense than our proofreading services and more thoroughly review a translation.

If you think our editing or proofreading services could be of use to you, whether as a part of the translation process or as independent services, please visit the Trusted Translations website.

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