If you are a company looking to expand your market internationally, you have most likely already considered using to your business material, but have you really thought about which languages you would like your material to be translated into? Of course, this decision largely depends on your target market, location and products and services offered, however you may also want to your material so that it is accessible for speakers of some of the .

Take a look below; you may be surprised at the results!
According to , these are the most around the world from the year 2000, listed by population of native speakers.

1.    Mandarin Chinese (836 million)
2.    Hindi (333 million)
3.    Spanish (332 million)
4.    English (322 million)
5.    Bengali (189 million)
6.    Arabic (186 million)
7.    Russian (170 million)
8.    Portuguese (170 million)
9.    Japanese (125 million)
10.    German (98 million)
11.    French (72 million)

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