From the beginning of time there have always been conflicts between mankind, and in order to settle these matters without violence or reprisal, these parties come together before the courts so that an impartial third party can analyze the evidence presented by both sides and ascertain their claims.
Without any kind of personal or commercial connection to either of the parties, this impartial third party must analyze a variety of evidence and as such, must use the assistance of individuals specializing in diverse matters.
These specialists are the experts, and in our case, translation or . Their task is to translate documents or interpret declarations so that the judge(s) involved in the case can analyze and understand the extent of the presented evidence or other matters that are essential for its resolution.
Similarly to how with the necessary experience and background are required in the business world, must also have the proper academic certification and experience in the case of , since only legal translators can act as experts. Aside from translating and interpreting, their task also includes presenting the corresponding documents according to the file’s procedural status.
As such, who wish to work in this exciting field must be further trained in the specifics of this discipline.

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