One of the most essential aspects of in the 21st century is of , , , etc. The and factories of the most successful look and operate exactly, or nearly exactly, the same at any branch in the world. This allows for clear , easier understanding of problems, and the guarantee of success.

A resulting issue of this global uniformity is the need to translate the companies’ and in the same way, so that employees in Asia receive the same training and preparation as those in Europe, for example. This is the principal reason that it is highly important that companies work with one for all of their translations throughout the world. This assures that the list of terms to be used in each language is and their proper is assured each time.

It is also very important, however, that localization again be given great importance in this process, since a handbook in Spanish will contain terms and phrases that make sense and are familiar for employees in certain countries, but unfamiliar and foreign in others. Only through careful examination and the use of qualified professionals can a achieve a series of manuals and handbooks that are worthy of their ’s name. This philosophy applies to documents in all fields: human resources, , , safety, , , , instructions, etc.

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