In addition to using programs to bridge language barriers in an environment where real-time communication is of the essence, like , it is possible to use human translators to communicate ideas in other languages.

So on the one hand, there are automatic translation services such as This service offers the ability to write the message, automatically translate it and send it to Twitter almost simultaneously. In this service, it is necessary to clarify the language in which you write the message to translate. The system recognizes it to translate it.

Another service is Tweet Translate, with features similar to the previous service. But in this case, we must detail the language that the message to translate is written in.

And on the other hand, we have the option of a human review service for automatic translations with minimum waiting time.

All you have to do is send a message to: @tweetrans in the following format:

@ Tweetrans 2en (space) message to translate.

“2en” is the code for the language to be translated (en = English).

You can also specify the language from which it is translated. This can be an interesting option if the language detector cannot automatically detect the language of the message. In this case, the format would be:

@ Tweetrans es2en (space) message to translate

In the example, would result in es (Spanish) to en (English).

This system offers translations in these languages:

(Af) Afrikaans
(Sq) Albanian
(Ar) Arabic
(Be) Belarusian
(Bg) Bulgarian
(Ca) Catalan
(Zh) Chinese
(Hr) Croatian
(Cs) Czech
(Da) Danish
(Nl) Dutch
(En) English
(Et) Estonian
(Fa) Farsi
(Tl) Filipino
(Fi) Finnish
(Fr) French
(Gl) Galician
(De) German
(El) Greek
(Iw) Hebrew
(Hi) Hindi
(Hu) Hungarian
(Is) Icelandic
(Id) Indonesian
(Ga) Irish
(It) Italian
(Ja) Japanese
(Ko) Korean
(Lv) Latvian
(Lt) Lithuanian
(Mk) Macedonian
(Ms) Malay
(Mt) Maltese
(No) Norwegian
(Pl) Polish
(Pt) Portuguese
(Ro) Romanian
(Ru) Russian
(Sr) Serbian
(Sk) Slovakian
(Sl) Slovenian
(Es) Spanish
(Sw) Swahili
(Sv) Swedish
(Th) Thai
(Tr) Turkish
(Uk) Ukrainian
(Vi) Vietnamese
(Cy) Welsh
(Yi) Yiddish

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