What’s the Equivalent of John Doe or Juan Pérez in Other Countries?


In the Spanish-speaking world they’re known as Juan Pérez, “fulano de tal,” N.N., among other things. The truth is that, despite being among the most common first and last names in Latin America, not many people know someone with just those names, though we tend to use them to refer to someone without a specific […]

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10 Key Points to Learn a New Language


Without naming names, how many people do we know that “started a language”? For those who succumbed and gave up halfway through, The Guardian’s website posted an interesting article a few days ago about motivations to learn a new language while not dying in the effort, compiled from language professors and students through their experience. […]

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Spanish Court Interpreting in the U.S.

Professional Spanish court interpretations in the U.S. can be a difficult and arduous task given the different variations of Spanish spoken in the U.S. While other languages may also have multiple dialects and accents, Spanish interpreters have an added difficulty not experienced by other language interpreters. In particular, they have to manage how other Spanish-speakers […]

Spectacular Vernacular

Before the beginning of the Middle Ages, Latin was the language used by educated persons to transmit their knowledge, both religious and academic. Even after the start of medieval times, Latin continued to be the language of choice, but vernacular began to creep its way in to both the religious and the academic circles, with […]

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Are We Just a Product of the Languages We Speak?


Each language has a particular grammatical structure and different ways of expressing ideas, which is something that anyone who has studied another language has experienced and which translators are particularly aware of. These unique linguistic nuances often emphasize different parts of speech, which require speakers to consider different causes, possibilities and ideas. But is it […]

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