Memsource: 8 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Life Easier


Memsource is a computer-assisted translation tool (also known as a CAT tool) that allows translators to work with text in two columns, side by side, in which one column displays the source text and the other column displays the target text. In addition, it offers search tools and quality control, and the ability to create […]

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The Gender-Sensitive Evolution of Languages


One of the characteristics that makes the English language such an easy-to-learn and accessible language is – from a grammatical perspective – its neutrality when using masculine and feminine nouns, and more importantly, articles. Latin languages (such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese) are gender-sensitive languages, where the differentiation between masculine and feminine is evident. […]

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Automatic Translation Blunders on Public Signs


Translations connect people and cultures around the world. Many people study languages because they would like to travel somewhere, whether near or far, and want to be able to communicate in the local language. However, this is not always the case, as many limit themselves to only studying the most widely spoken languages in order […]

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The US of A: A Multilingual Nation

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There have been recent studies showing that the Spanish language has become the most important and most spoken language in the United States aside from English. According to the findings, by 2060 the USA could become the first Spanish-speaking country in terms of actual speakers with over 160 million of them, surpassing Mexico which now […]

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