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The Importance of a Termbase

Termbases are an important part of the process of translating any sort of text, but they are especially useful, to the point of being essential, when working with technical texts. As a policy, a translation with complicated vocabulary or terminology needs to be done with techniques and procedures that can ensure a good level of […]

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Inconsistencies in the Word Count

The translation of a document can have many complexities. When quoting a document for translation, it is necessary to take into account several aspects that can influence the detailed analysis of the file. First, it is necessary to determine the type of text, whether it is a technical manual, a press release, a newspaper article […]

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We all understand the importance of offering the highest quality translations, partly for the presentation of new products and services and the professional image that are projected today with a global vision. Additionally, the objective of being in touch with particular markets in the clearest and most direct manner possible makes translation essential. In this […]

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The world of translation as well as its markets are always evolving and part of that process is the introduction of automatic translation tools into our daily workflow. We have already looked at Google’s automated translation software and Systran. Let us continue with this subject that is only just now beginning and will continue to […]

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