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Translation Inconsistencies & How to Avoid Them

When a translation project is very extensive, the most common thing to do is to divide the translation among different linguists in order to speed up the process, thus allowing us to deliver the project as quickly as possible. It is almost never the case that there is an unlimited amount of time available to […]

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How to Translate InDesign Files

InDesign files require special attention in order to achieve an efficient and complete translation. This is because, unlike other file formats, the documents created with InDesign have a main file (with either an .indd or .idml extension) which contains the structure of the document. Complementing this main file are the so-called “links” and “fonts”. “Links” […]

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Memsource: 8 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Life Easier

Memsource is a computer-assisted translation tool (also known as a CAT tool) that allows translators to work with text in two columns, side by side, in which one column displays the source text and the other column displays the target text. In addition, it offers search tools and quality control, and the ability to create […]

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Why Is It Necessary to Update Memories and Glossaries?

It is very important to keep our regular customers pleased and satisfied with our translations. For this reason, one of the Project Manager or Coordinator’s tasks is to keep the customer’s memory updated and error-free. In this way, we will be preventing many headaches in the future. Communication with the customer is a key element, […]

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What to Expect From a Translations Company?

We’ve already spoken about the relationship that exists between price, quality, and speed when selecting a translation service. In this article, we will analyze in greater detail the variables that affect these three factors. When selecting a professional translation service, the decision to go with a certain provider will mainly depend on the variables of […]

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