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Subtitles for Movies and Television Shows

These days, subtitles are available for all forms of entertainment: in the movies, on television, and even at the opera. People from completely different cultures who speak different languages are often interested in the same subjects. For example, the blockbusters made in Hollywood often debut on the same day throughout the world and the audience […]

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We Are One of the Top 10 Language Professional Blogs

We at Trusted Translations are excited to announce that this blog has been named as one of the Top 10 language professional blogs in the largest language blog competition hosted annually by and Lexiophiles. The ‘Language Professionals’ category focuses on blogs by people using languages in their profession, such as translators and interpreters. None […]

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Vote for This Blog as the Best Language Blog

Lexiophile is hosting its annual “Top Language Blogs” contest and Trusted Translations has been nominated! Please visit the page and vote for us (“Trusted Translations: Translation Blog”). Everyone here at Trusted Translations is honored to be recognized in this way and, regardless of the outcome, we will continue to increase our efforts on the blog […]

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Trusted Translations on Facebook

With almost 5,000 fans on our two official Facebook pages (one in Spanish and another in English), Trusted Translations, Inc. has 10 times more fans than the pages of other major translation companies. Trusted Translations’ English Page on Facebook has 3,000 fans and links to the articles published on Trusted Translation’s official blog, which […]

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How Translators and Interpreters Can Help Haiti

The horrific and devastating tragedy that befell Haiti calls for all of us to contribute in any way and as much as possible to help the country move forward. As professional translators and interpreters, we can also do our part in this international effort. A few days after the tragedy, Translators Without Borders released an […]

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Specialized Translation Agencies

Years ago we used to see that translation agencies in various countries of the world would only work with a few language pairs, three or four at most. They worked with only one translation program and its staff was made up of only local translators. Today the need to satisfy clients and the clients’ growing […]

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