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You can talk the talk, but can you code the code?

In today’s world, coding is on everyone’s lips. Fear it or love it, it’s here to stay and if you don’t get on board you might just be left behind. Code is about special computational commands, abbreviations and ways of arranging text that stand for something. A coding guide for dummies explains that “all software […]

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Is language dying or evolving?

Evolution doesn’t imply improvement or progressive change towards perfection. In a straight darwinian sense, evolution means adapting to one’s environment in order to survive and endure, for the environment is ever changing, and so must we. All living creatures adapt to a constantly mutable environment, and so does language in a very organic, spontaneous and […]

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

If you are like me, you’ve probably found yourself watching news and videos online featuring man’s fluffy-best friends. There’s no better way to lift your spirit than watching puppy videos online. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love puppies? When it comes to referring to our beloved four-legged friends, there are new terms taking the spotlight […]

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