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Mandarin Chinese as a Universal Language


With the Chinese New Year around the corner, it seems appropriate to talk a little about the Chinese language, its competition with English regarding usage and how it is gaining prominence among languages used in business and finance around the world. As has been said for a long time, it won’t be long before Chinese becomes […]

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Language is a virus from outer space


So far, we (meaning I) have looked at language and translations as: – a deterrent to cultural genocide – a form of time travel – something maybe invented by God (by way of the fault of ancient Babylonians) – something constantly flowing, moving, changing, communicating actively And generally, the fact that we are, within this […]

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Q&A- All you Need to Know about the English language


I recently discovered the Oxford Dictionary blog which features interesting posts such as “London Underground: the origins of some unusual names”. It also features a Q&A section to some really interesting questions about the English language which I think are worth mentioning. Starting off with a surprisingly complex question: 1) Any idea on how many […]

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The Many Benefits of Foreign Language Education and Learning – Part II

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As mentioned in my previous blog post, this three part blog series was inspired by an older post written by Bryant on “The Advantages of Speaking Several Languages.” The goal of this series is to explore the many benefits of foreign language education and learning, particularly in three main areas: health, social and economic. These […]

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The Many Benefits of Foreign Language Education and Learning

Blog 2

This three part blog series was inspired by Bryant’s blog post “The Advantages of Speaking Several Languages,” published earlier this year. When pursuing further research on the topic, I found that, although there are many arguments which promote foreign language education and learning, those with the most weight can be grouped into three major areas: […]

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I see what you mean (or: The untranslatable yellow face of doom)


It’s been mentioned here before, the use of emoticons to communicate to each other, and questioning if this might be a new form of communication, a new language. As far as I can tell, I think the question has already been answered. It is a new language. It’s a technological-based de-evolution back to our wordless forms of […]

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Third Culture Kids: Bridging Language and Culture


The term Third Culture Kid was first conceived in the 1950s by American social researchers Ruth and John Useem to define individuals who were raised in a culture different to that of their parents’ culture during their developmental years. As explained by Andrea M. Moore and Gina G. Barker in their work, “Confused or multicultural: […]

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