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Understanding English-Language Idioms


Idioms are one of the most interesting yet curious aspects of language due to their often comical references which may actually have absolutely nothing to do with their real meaning. However, we often don’t realize how odd most idioms actually are until we begin learning a foreign language and are confronted by this new language’s […]

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Translating Microbes: the Future of Automatic Translation?


In the sci-fi series Farscape, beings from different planets could communicate amongst one another by consuming “translating microbes” which allowed them to understand other languages. Might we one day see something along these lines? Currently, various companies specializing in the area are developing the future of machine translation. What advances might we expect in this […]

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What Language Is Spoken on Easter Island?


Easter Island, which forms part of Polynesia, is a renowned tourist destination, famous for its ancient culture and monumental sculptures. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and belongs to Chile. The major attraction of this remote location lies in its traditions and its unique insulation, which has influenced its development being separate from that […]

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Are We Just a Product of the Languages We Speak?


Each language has a particular grammatical structure and different ways of expressing ideas, which is something that anyone who has studied another language has experienced and which translators are particularly aware of. These unique linguistic nuances often emphasize different parts of speech, which require speakers to consider different causes, possibilities and ideas. But is it […]

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