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What Are the World’s Sexiest Accents?


A few weeks ago, CNN reported the results of an interesting survey carried out through Facebook in which users voted for what was, in their own opinion, the sexiest accent. While it is not the first time that this survey has been done, it can be argued that it is the one with the largest […]

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The Dubbing Boom in Latin America


A few years back, it seemed highly improbable that cable channels would modify their lineup in order to offer their content dubbed rather than subtitled. From some point in the late ‘90s until quite recently, people enjoyed series and movies in their original language, making it possible to appreciate the “natural version” of an episode […]

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Translations and DTP from Right to Left


We have to pay special attention when translating languages that are written from right to left, as what is a “no-brainer” for native speakers may not be for readers of an alphabet in the opposite direction. Within this group of readers we can also include clients, who often ask for our advice on some issues […]

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A New Dialect Emerges in Miami


Every country has different accents for different regions within their country. In the U.S. there are many identifiable accents like the New York accent (Noo-Yawk). It has distinct features, for example the dropping of the R. Another example is the southern accent. It stretches across the southern states and is distinctive for its draw. The […]

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